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Those who make the game attempt to stay on top of the financial world can quickly fall prey to sensory overload. There’s "timely" information on the stock market, the economic forecast, which securities should be dumped ASAP, and which you should acquire just as quickly — at least according to today’s headlines. Tomorrow’s might say just the opposite.

On top of it all, you’re faced with a constant stream of new products and trading vehicles to consider, and conflicting reports about which investment will give you almost instant wealth. Amid all this clatter and strife, you feel bone-weary — and worse, a sneaking suspicion that everyone’s getting richer but you.

Relax. Things are certainly not that dire. In fact, relax some more. It’s your best weapon against this information windstorm. A pell-mell quest for instant wealth can lead investors to hasty decisions, fad investments, a financial and emotional roller coaster ride, and in the worst cases, financial disaster. It’s better to relax and take an organized, disciplined, slower (but much surer) route to a secure retirement.

A side benefit of this plan is that you’ll be able to tune out all the hubbub and focus on truly important issues: controlling risk and building a portfolio that will help you meet your goals — and live your ideal calendar.

Here are more key points about the importance of having a Wealth Accumulation Strategy:

First, the Wealth Accumulation Policy establishes a customized framework that will govern your investment decisions. This framework is based on your objectives and tolerances, and is right for only you.

Second, the Wealth Accumulation Policy works to control risk (but not eliminate it) – a key for becoming a successful investor – by identifying the types of investments for your portfolio, and the proportion for those investments that are most likely to achieve your goals.

Third, the Policy serves as a benchmark by which you can objectively measure the success of your program and monitor its ongoing progress.

The final reason for having this organized program is the most vital: to protect your investments from their worst enemy — your emotions. That’s right, you can be your investments’ worst enemy. When Wall Street is surging and the newspaper is telling you to buy now and worry later, it’s tempting to follow that lead. And when the market’s bottoming out and everyone’s screaming "Sell!" it’s easy to see the "logic." But if you ignore all that hype and follow your Wealth Accumulation Strategy, you’ll avoid all that stress and worry.

Think of your Wealth Accumulation Strategy as your roadmap or blueprint. It’s the listing of tools you’ll use to achieve the strategies outlined in your Strategies for Financial Independence. Your Wealth Accumulation Policy documents your personal investment plan, beginning with the previously gathered information on your current financial circumstances, goals and investment objectives. It also delineates your asset allocation (link explanation) plan and the benchmarks against which your portfolio’s performance will be measured.

The following areas are covered in developing your Wealth Accumulation Strategy:

Investment Philosophy

Investment Principles

Capital Markets

Return, Risk, Diversification

Asset Class Benchmarks

Asset Class Performance

Asset Class Allocation
Tolerance for Volatility

Investment Policy

Asset Class Mutual Funds

Custodial Activities*

Portfolio Rebalance*

Portfolio Performance Reports*

* These are part of portfolio management services only.