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Vernon T. Hall, CPA

Karl HicksKarl Hicks has 10 years’ experience with in the financial services industry, and is also the firm’s network administrator. Karl is a Riverside native who earned his CFP® certification in May of 2004. Karl completed his MBA at California Baptist University.

Karl enjoys using his facility with mathematics and numbers to help clients get a clear picture of their path to financial independence. "I know so many people who have such a frustration with math and numbers, and when it comes to their finances, that’s such a detriment," Karl says. "I’ve always enjoyed being able to help people understand how their finances can help their lives — and how their finances are a tool to help them achieve other things. It’s the field I enjoy, and I’ve always thought you should work at something you enjoy."

Karl and his wife have three sons. In his leisure time, he enjoys playing basketball with his kids and pursuing his interests in music.