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Youíve been working hard for your wealth. Why not go just a little bit further and ensure you can pass along your hard-earned assets efficiently, without excess taxes or costly litigation, to the people and organizations you care most about? If you donít take these extra steps, thereís a chance a good deal of your hard-earned money will go to the government, to lawyers, or both.

If you want to make sure that the people closest to you get every last dime they can from the estate youíve worked so hard to build, Wealth Legacy Planning is essential. Of course, itís tough to face your own mortality. But it takes a relatively short time to assure the welfare of your loved ones and leave them in financial peace instead of the financial nightmare that often befalls heirs whose benefactors failed to plan.

Wealth Legacy Planning is a coordinated strategy for conserving the assets you accumulate during your lifetime, and an efficient transfer of them according to your vision at the time of your death.

Working with a qualified attorney, Wealth Legacy Planning considers the following topics:

Wills, Will Substitutes
Revocable, Irrevocable Trusts
Executors, Trustees
Intrafamily Contracts
Health Care, Durable Powers
Gross Estate
Family Limited Partnership
Closely Held Business
Unified Tax Credit
Marital Deduction
Family Gifts
Split Interest Techniques
Charitable Gifting
Liquidity Analysis
Generation Skipping Tax
Post-mortem Planning
Estate Administration