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To more clearly define your ideal calendar, you now have to take the next step. And believe it or not, this one’s a step back. You must step back in order to get a perspective on the overall picture of your financial situation.

Taking this long view will help you identify:

  • Your true life goals,
  • The best financial strategies for achieving these goals,
  • The most effective tools for the strategies, and, most essentially,
  • The best timing for the use of these strategies and tools.

Your Macro Wealth Management team members can help you get the long view of your financial life — the perspective you need in order to achieve your true-life goals. The process begins with a thorough Financial Profile and Appraisal.

Call this the 20-20 Vision Tool. By conducting a thorough financial profile and appraisal, your Macro Wealth Management team is assessing and diagnosing any problems that might exist with your current financial situation. Just as your eye doctor conducts a battery of vision tests before recommending glasses or performing surgery, your Macro Wealth Management team must get a close look at your financial condition before recommending any strategies for the future. This perspective is a key to your overall financial plan. During this stage, your team will examine that crucial overall picture — the long view — of your current financial situation. The resulting appraisal will provide a snapshot of your current financial situation relating to ownership and value of existing assets, liabilities, income and spending flows.

Your Financial Profile & Appraisal will address the following subjects:

  Vision, Goals
  (Your Ideal Calendar)
Personal Assets
  Financial ObjectivesDebt Management
  Financial QuestionnaireFinancial Condition Ratios
  RecordkeepingCurrent Income
  LiquidityLifestyle Spending
  Portfolio MattersSavings
  Business MattersOther Wealth Management Matters