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Dr. Steven R. Covey, author of "Seven Habits of Highly Effective People" (Simon & Shuster, 1989), writes that we need to begin with the end in mind ó that is, to start with a clear understanding of our destination.

It means to know where we are going so that the steps we take will be in the right direction.

Macro Wealth Management is the art and science of:

  • First, discovering your best end in mind.
  • Followed by determining which financial strategies, techniques and tools are best suited to help you accomplish your vision and goals.

Wealth is a hard-earned blessing for many, a sudden source of anxiety for some. But itís always a challenge for those who want to keep what theyíve suddenly acquired or have worked so diligently to amass.

You may have complex thoughts about wealth. But keep in mind this simple definition: Wealth is a tool. A tool that enables you to achieve your vision of a successful life ó the existence youíve always dreamed of.

Through the years, youíve worked to accumulate your wealth. Or perhaps youíve recently experienced a windfall. Now, however, itís time to organize this wealth in an attempt to reach its full potential ó to you and your life, to future generations, and to your community.

It takes special focus, skills and talents to manage and make the most of your money once youíve earned it.

Peril threatens from many directions: Estate taxes, capital gains taxes, litigation and other problems can devastate your wealth and peace of mind. However, a sound Macro Wealth Management plan can help to act as a fortress, protecting your assets from these and other harms.

Macro Wealth Management centers on you, the client. Itís a comprehensive, balanced, disciplined application of wealth management strategies and tools that work integrally with your vision and goals and aim to achieve personal and financial success.