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Throughout the normal course of life you are exposed to many risks. Most of them are inconsequential from a financial standpoint, but a few have catastrophic consequences. We believe that a sound game plan is only as good as the risk-management techniques that are in place to ensure your vision and goals are accomplished. Wealth Protection Strategies are designed to help bring you peace of mind if something should happen along the way.

Using the financial appraisal, we will develop a strategy that seeks to alleviate the stress of not accomplishing your vision or goals. This plan will explore the possibilities of loss of income (temporarily and permanent), loss of property, loss of life, and loss of the ability to care for oneself, and analyze possible ways to protect your income and assets in case any of these events should happen to occur.

Wealth Protection Strategies consider:

Life, Disability Insurance Personal Liability Protection
Property Insurance Business/Practice Protection
Medical CoverageLimited Liability Entities
Long-term Health Care Asset Protection Trusts
Employee Benefit Plans