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Initial consultation

Our website is designed to allow visitors to learn more about our firm, the unique way we approach the financial management process and bring value to our clients’ lives.

The Initial Consultation gives us an opportunity to learn more about you and those who are close to you. It’s a chance to visit about “what’s important to you” and your personal and financial concerns. It’s also a chance to discover mutual expectations and if there is a basis for moving forward with a relationship. Our Initial Consultation usually lasts less than an hour.

Financial Independence Plan

The purpose of the Financial Independence Plan is to help provide an important first step in bringing organization, direction and structure to your financial future.

We will assist you in clarifying your personal and financial goals. Based on your goals and the financial information you provide, we will prepare a report which will include the following areas for review and discussion:

Financial Profile & Assessment

  • Liquidity Needs
  • Portfolio Evaluation
  • Personal Asset Matters
  • Debt Management
  • Income Projections
  • Current Spending Needs
  • Other Planning Matters

Financial Independence Analysis

  • Future Spending Needs
  • Savings Program
  • Time Lines
  • Investment Return Projections
  • Tax, Inflation Assumptions
  • Capital Needs Analysis
  • Monte Carlo Simulations

Investment Strategy Policy

  • Investment Objectives
  • Capital Market Expectations
  • Investment Preference Evaluation
  • Diversification Strategies
  • Asset Class Selection
  • Implementation Strategies
  • Performance Monitoring Criteria

We will meet with you to discuss our evaluation and recommendations. We will be available to answer questions, to assist you and your advisors to take necessary actions and to make recommendations regarding plan matters.

Your Financial Independence Plan should be reviewed periodically (at least annually). In addition, the plan establishes a framework for discovering and prioritizing other planning issues and opportunities. Estate planning, insurance, income taxes, and family care matters are examples of planning areas that may need more in depth attention from time to time in the future.

A continuing financial management relationship is important to deal with these other planning opportunities as well as changes in your personal circumstances, economic condition and future tax law revisions.

Continuing Financial Management

We will assist you in the implementation of your Financial Independence Plan. The clients who benefit most from our services monitor and update their plan on a regular basis. They recognize that changes in their personal circumstances and the economy may impact the initial plan.

We will assist you in updating your personal and financial goals. We will meet with you to review the status and/or discuss changes in your personal circumstances affecting the following financial planning areas.

  • Financial Condition
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Financial Independence Updates
  • Investment Plan & Policy
  • Family Care Matters
  • Insurance Needs
  • Income Tax Management
  • Estate Planning
  • Business Matters
  • Deferred Compensation
  • Charitable Giving
  • Asset Protection

We will continue to assist you in implementing the strategies that have been agreed upon. We will be available to answer questions, to assist you and your advisors to take necessary actions, and to make recommendations regarding plan matters.

Investment Monitoring Services

We will establish appropriate custodial account(s) and work with other investment managers to arrange for the transfer of selected assets. We will execute trades and coordinate contributions and distributions to and from the account. We will maintain financial and tax records of your investment assets to ensure compliance with your Investment Policy Statement and to monitor progress toward achieving your investment objectives.

From time to time, market conditions may cause the Portfolio’s investment in various asset classes to vary from the established Investment Policy allocation. When appropriate, we will rebalance the portfolio back to the recommended weighting.

On a quarterly basis, we will provide portfolio performance reports. We will provide performance results of each fund manager and comparative benchmarks for the same periods.

At the end of each year, we will provide tax reports reflecting basis information and realized and unrealized gains and losses for tax purposes. These reports will also be made available during the year for tax planning purposes.