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It’s important to keep in mind that strategies are not goals. You may want your investments to generate a high rate of return. This is a strategy. To identify your true goal, ask yourself: "Why do I want that high rate of return?"

If your answer is "So I can spend my life after 65 fly fishing in Wyoming," or "So I can spend summers at chef schools in France," now you’re talking goals. Now you’re working your vision skills.

Keep using your vision to identify your goals. Take the time to dream—remember, it’s not mere daydreaming—you’re designing your future.

Keep in mind: Vision is a mental picture of your hopes and dreams for how you want to live the rest of your life. In order to identify this vision and enumerate these goals, ask yourself again: "If I could create my ideal calendar, what would fill its pages? Am I spending my effort, resources and time on pursuits that are most fulfilling to me?"

Your Macro Wealth Management team members can help you create this ideal calendar, discover your true-life goals, and begin identifying strategies and tools for achieving these goals.