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Vision is the first and most essential building block of Macro Wealth Management. In order to reach any goal — particularly one as important as attaining your ideal life — you must create a clear, detailed picture of that objective. Here’s a helpful exercise

Take your current calendar, be it a simple wall calendar, or a complex day planner. Page through this calendar and note all the tasks, appointments, meetings and other obligations. Then, close the calendar.

Now, page through your calendar again. Which appointments would you drop, if you could? Which meetings would you cancel? And which tasks would you ignore? Put a small mark by each of these calendar items. Now, take some small adhesive-backed notes and post one beside each calendar item you marked.

On the notes, write the things you’d do instead of the calendar item you marked as undesirable. Write the first things that come to mind. Would you volunteer? Take up a new sport? Attend your child’s recital? A grandchild’s basketball game? Perhaps you’d catch a plane to Rome. Maybe build a cabin by that lake you like to fish from. Keep writing and posting… don’t edit these notes. You’re defining your dreams.