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Beware of Pepper-tree Planning

"Pepper-tree mechanic" is a term professional auto technicians sometimes use when referring to folks who attempt to work on their own cars. If you mention to your neighbors and friends that a disturbing noise just started under your carís hood, each is likely to have a different conviction as to what causes that noise and the best way to fix it. But if youíre bent on getting the best diagnosis and repair, youíll take your prized vehicle to a qualified technician.

Itís the same with financial advice. Everyoneís got a hot stock, a new product, another investment that he or she is just certain will make you rich. But beware of these pepper-tree planners. At the gym, a family reunion, on the golf course, you will often meet friends or acquaintances who will pass on well-meant advice. These tools may work for your friends. But they may not be best for you and the process youíve begun through Macro Wealth Management. If you receive a financial tip from a friend or relative, consider consulting your own legal, tax and financial professionals for more background, and to see if the suggested strategy would fit into your Macro Wealth Management process.

You and your Macro Wealth Management Team have thoroughly examined your current financial situation. Youíve got the proper perspective, and youíve identified your true goals and dreams ó youíve filled in your ideal calendar. Now itís time to identify the best strategies for achieving your goals, and to choose the best tools for carrying out these strategies.

Strategies are the methods you will use to achieve your true-life goals. Tools are the financial vehicles you and your Macro Wealth Management team will identify as most effective for executing your chosen strategies.